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Norma USK

Get to know us

The origins of Norma USK group date back to the year 1983. Subsequently, Norma USK has successfully founded renowned die-forging facilities throughout the northern regions of India. These facilities are:

- Norma (India) Limited.

- USK Exports Pvt. Ltd.

- Uma Shanker Khandelwal & Co.


Over the course of time, Norma USK has cultivated a commendable standing within the forging industry, engaging with a diverse array of global sectors through its trading identities, namely 'Norma (India) Limited' and 'USK Exports'. Within the realm of Norma USK, an unwavering commitment prevails towards the production of superior-grade commodities at competitive price points, thereby ensuring the contentment of our valued clientele.

Raw Material Yard at Norma India Limited
Norma India Limited.

. Raw Material Yard at Norma (India) Limited


Since 1983, Norma USK has been a pioneer in forging excellence. Our legacy of establishing renowned die-forging facilities across northern India speaks volumes.


Our stringent quality measures ensure consistent excellence. Our Metallurgical Laboratory further reinforces our commitment to quality.


At Norma USK, our mission is clear:

Delivering unwavering quality and satisfaction to our valued clientele.


At Norma USK, our vision is to continue as a vanguard in forging innovation, harnessing our legacy of excellence.


Guided by unyielding commitment, we envision forging lasting relationships by providing unparalleled quality at competitive prices. Our vision extends beyond boundaries, fostering a future where Norma USK is synonymous with precision, reliability, and client satisfaction. With every step, we aim to redefine industry standards and empower diverse sectors with our unwavering dedication to excellence.

Raw Material Yard at USK Exports. Pvt. Ltd.

. Raw Material Yard at USK Exports Pvt. Ltd

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