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Norma (India) Limited.


Forging - Norma India Limited

Forge Shop at Norma (India) Limited


This establishment operates as an integrated facility with a primary focus on the production of flanges. A substantial portion, of the manufactured output is destined for international markets. Furthermore, this facility holds accreditation under ISO-9001, ISO-14001, ISO 45001, and PED standards, attesting to its comprehensive capabilities in forging and machining. Notably, this unit possesses Canadian Registration Numbers (CRN) that extend across all provinces within Canada, affirming its compliance with rigorous regulatory norms.

List of Major Equipment

  • 1 ton Belt Drop Hammer

  • 1.5 ton Belt Drop Hammer

  • 2.5 Ton Belt Drop Hammer

  • 10,000 MKG Huta Zygmunt MPM Polish - Double Acting Hammer

  • Continuous Heat Treatment Furnace

  • Die Making Facility

  • Bandsaw Machines to cut up to 300mm diameter

  • CNC Vertical and Horizontal Turning Lathes

  • VMC machines

  • Multi Spindle Drilling Machines.

  • Conventional Turning and Drilling Machines

Forging - USK Exports Private Limited

Forge Shop at USK Exports Pvt. Ltd.


This unit excels in forging operations, with closed die capacity of up to 200 kg and open die capacity of 4 tons per single piece. The recent addition of a cutting-edge Counterblow Hammer further extends its capabilities, enabling closed die forging of components up to 1200mm in diameter and 1 ton in weight.

List of Major Equipment

  • 50,000 MKG Counterblow Hammer Beache Germany

  • 25000 MKG Polish Forging Hammer

  • 16,000 MKG Polish Forging Hammer

  • 2500 ton and 1600 ton Hydraulic Press

  • 2 meter Wagner Ring Rolling Machine

  • Open Die Forging Hammers

  • Continuous Heat Treatment Furnace

  • Die Making Facility

  • Bandsaw machines to cut up to 900mm diameter

  • CNC VTL Machines to machine up to 1100mm diameter

  • Conventional VTL to machine up to 1600mm diameter

Forging - Norma USK

Forge Shop at Uma Shanker Khandelwal. & Co.


Located in New Delhi, this is the Head Office of the Norma USK group. This plays a pivotal role in formulating and executing the overarching business strategy, aligning with the company's long-term goals. Additionally, the office manages key functions such as financial planning, resource allocation, and risk management to ensure efficient operations across various production facilities.

List of Major Equipment:

  • 1.5 ton Belt Drop Hammer

  • 2.5 ton Belt Drop Hammer

  • Wagner KRFW 400 Ring Rolling Machine

  • Heat Treatment facility for Normalising, Hardening, Tempering, Water/Oil Quenching and Isothermal Annealing.

  • Bandsaw Machines to cut up to 800mm diameter

  • Physical and Chemical Testing Laboratories

  • Vertical and Horizontal CNC Turning Lathes

  • Conventional VTLs for Machining diameter

  • Radial and Multi-Drilling Machines

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